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Here's the thing I love most about life... 
It's forever changing. 
This means you can be anything at any point in time. 
Just because you were something yesterday, doesn't mean you have to be that today. 
You can choose. in this moment. to be something completely different than you've ever been before. 
The possibilities are infinite. 

This is my journey... your journey... our journey. 
Welcome to the experiment. 

A tale of learning to love myself.

The road to peace with my body and with food and with loving myself, has been a long and arduous journey. Looking back i realize that's only because I created it that way... and so it turns out is the truth with most of the going ons of our lives. 

The thing is, you see, we can only do the best with what we have, right where we're at, until we become aware of a different way. A way that is much more ease filled. 

Ease has become my modus operandi. Now, that doesn't mean that I don't ever do anything that scares the pants off of me, or something WAY outside my boundaries of comfort... it just means that I don't make a big dramatic production out of everything like I used to do in my younger years.

I have learned to lean into the unknown. I have learned to trust in the flow of life. I have learned that if I ask questions around anything that brings up funky emotions within me or scares the bajeebus out of me... 

answers, solutions, and relief will be provided. Period. That's just the way it works. 

I've learned how to actually clear out of existence entirely, the judgments and points of view I had unknowingly bought, and consequently was functioning from. This is still something I'm doing on a daily basis, but it's already changing everything. 

 It's changed my body. My self image. The direction of my life. My relationship with food. The opportunities that come to me. My interactions with loved ones. My ability to assist and inspire others. My views on finances and business. 

And, more and more changes every single day. I am constantly expanding, growing, evolving. 

What this really involves is removing everything that is not truly me. All the lies I have bought as true. All the judgments I possess that are pure limitation. 

In the midst of my self discovery journey, I vowed that when I figured this life thing out, I was going to assist as many people as possible find their way back home to themselves. This is my primary focus, the origination of my drive, and sole purpose of sharing my journey with you.  I know how scary and confusing being lost feels. 

What's so beautiful about this, is that each time I'm involved in assisting someone see the light they truly be in this world, I recognize a little more of my own light. As you begin seeing yourself clearly, the same will happen for you. 

This is how we become the change, that changes the world. 

Did you know that you already possess everything you could ever require? Did you know that you are totally unique unto yourself? No one on the face of the planet has your exact set of skills. talents, capabilities, amazing quirks, and personality traits? There is no one other than you that can do what you can do, exactly the way that you can do it. 

Would you be willing to finally see, once and for all the greatness that you truly be so that we can change the world together? 

You are here for a reason. 

Wishing you peace & love & the life of your dreams, 
Chandra Nicole 

Here's a little article I wrote on my intention for this space that is The Earthfood Experiment. 

In addition to The Earthfood Experiment you can also find me hanging out with:

I also provide Personal Transformation Coaching, which you can learn more about here

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