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with Chandra Nicole 

Do I ever feel your pain, darlin'!

I berated myself for my inability to make this reality work... FOR YEARS.

I really believed there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with me.  

I was broke, I got divorced, my personal relationships sucked, I hated my body and dabbled in starvation and binge eating, my weight yo-yo'd,  I thought the only way to make a good living was to go to school and get a 'real' job which I certainly didn't want to do, I busted my femur in half and a couple years later broke my back,  I drowned all these sorrows with lots o'alcohol,  and to be completely honest, I really could not see the point of living in this world. I was L.O.S.T.

I had  convinced myself of and accepted as fact, that I truly was a misfit of magnitude.

Until the day I learned otherwise.

You see, there's this silly little thing about life, and it goes like this: 
We do the best we can, with what we have, until we do better. 

Oftentimes, this includes stumbling through the dark before finding the light switch, most likely stubbing a few toes, cursing like drunken college students, punching the occasional wall, blaming inanimate objects for tripping us, smacking faces on doors, knocking over shelving, busting priceless antiques to bits, etc...  

Is it wrong that we can't see clearly? NO WAY. Is the wall repairable? SURE IS. Does it matter that we got bruised. NOPEDY NOPE. Does it make a shred of difference that our mom's pissed because we smashed to bits Aunt Petuna's final resting place? HELL NO. 

What if, there was no other way to reach the light, than ramble blindly through the darkness, and what if none of these meanderings were judge-able offenses? 

WHAT IF your entire existence has been leading you here... to the light. To the place where you reach the switch, choose to flip it on, and are finally able to see clearly.


What if, from this illuminated space you could see that there was never anything wrong with you... that you have never made a wrong decision... that you are much more brilliant and potent than you've ever realized.. and that you are WAY too great to fit into any set of shackling confines. 


In the brilliance of this light, what if you realized the life you truly desire was not only possible but probable (you know... that one you've never even allowed yourself to dream of having, because the thought of not being able to obtain it burns too badly) ...

Could you really make the choice to sacrifice nothing, have all of yourself, obtain and experience everything you've ever desired, AND be a gift to the world merely through the act of choosing to have it?!

Please allow me to say, "THAT WOULDN'T SUCK."

What if your truth looks wildly different from anyone else's and that's the whole reason you're here... to be the gift of uniqueness that you truly be. Would that be so terrible? And more importantly, what if what the planet ultimately required for it's survival, was for you to finally choose you, sweet friend. 


Are you ready to choose you? Are you ready to have the life you desire? Are you ready to create a better world for you, for your children, for the animals, for every inhabitant of this big beautiful spinning ball we dwell on? 

If so, I invite you (ya cute little rebel, you!) on a journey of consciousness... with myself and all the other 'misfits' of the world. 

YAAAYYYYYY!!! I submit this calls for a celebration!

Raise your glass with me for a cyber toast... if you don't have a beverage nearby, don't you worry your pretty little head... invisible beverages are dandy! 
(You'll quickly get used to employing your imagination on this adventure. 
It will be fun. I PROMISE.) 

As a Transformation Coach, I have the funnest (what? that's a word!)
 job ever! 

I get to ask you a whole bunch of questions to assist you in unsticking all the sticky parts of your life that aren't working. I aid you in discovering what's actually true for you (and not true as well), deconstruct that which is NOT working, and rebuild it in the gloryness (also a word) of your own power and beauty, 
totally recreated in a way that DOES work for you and your living. 

How does that sound, sweetness? Do you have any areas of your life that just aren't as spectacular as you know they could be? No subject is off limits... 

I would absolutely ADORE the opportunity to assist you in the creation of a life that's more resonant and reflective of the amazing being, you truly are.  

I will leave you with some gorgeous words of encouragement from a few of my clients. Catch ya on the flip side, sweet being!

I wanted to step out of old habits, I wanted to create a new direction in my life, but I would not quit getting in my way. Chandra has helped me to see my obstacles and hindrances as tools to reach my goals. 

I now am actively walking in that new direction! If you're wondering if you should reach out to Chandra, and utilize her coaching I would say, "Hell yes!" 
She will see right through you. She will get a feel for you and what you are seeking and open your eyes to it as well. She will let you see exactly what was already right in front of you.

 ~ Chris Cash, Austin, TX 

Had a fabulous session with Chandra this week. You are an amazing facilitator lady, such deeply connected questions flowed from you to help me move some sludgy stuff out and help transform consciousness into a brilliant creative flow. I am really feeling the flow today! 
~ Amy Williams, Lincoln, NE 

The amount of positivity and light that this woman resonates is so clear the moment she steps into a room and the love that she embodies shines brightly even on the darkest of days.  So often I thought I had life figured out, I thought I understood true wasn't until Chandra came into my world that my outlook on these things became clear.

Just the other day I came across a beautiful quote, "Perhaps someone somewhere will create something so beautiful it will change the world."  In my heart, I feel...I know, that the someone that this quote speaks of is Chandra.  She is a beautiful soul...anyone that has the pleasure of getting to know her will soon discover that their life will never be the same.  her existence is priceless, her heart shines and she is already changing the world, one day at a time.
~ Lindsay O’Connell, Knoxville, TN

Email or call to arrange an introductory session today. 

30 Minute Introductory session: $30 (FREE with booking of 60 min follow-up session)
60 minute session: $200

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