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Today I give you my all time favorite Veg-head... Isa Chandra. Not only is my name IN her name, but she has the best veggie recipes known to man. (I realize that's a little sensational... but that's the way I roll)

And what's even cooler is that she lives in Nebraska (that's my state) in my neighboring city!

I recently bought her cookbook Appetite for Reduction.... and haven't really prepared recipes from any other source since. Her foods are super simple, uncomplicated, have short ingredient lists (HUGE fan of that) and way healthy.

I also spend a significant amount of time on The Post Punk Kitchen , which is her website. Not only can you can find tons of kick ass recipes there, but Isa is a super entertaining writer as well.

I'm almost (but not quite... because I don't like lawyers and paperwork) going to guarantee that you'll find a handful (if not more) of staple recipes to work into your weekly rotations.

Now I just have to decide which of her cookbooks to buy next....

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  1. I have that book! I love it

  2. Love this one! I've made the falafel in it a hundred times. It's baked, which means there's no heavy, greasy, fried feeling afterwards. I have almost all of her books, and they're all wonderful. Vegan Brunch is really fun and colorful, but my favorite would probably be Veganomicon. In addition to having a ton of good recipes, it has a lot of useful cooking tips like how long to cook grains and various basic ways to prepare different vegetables. It's so handy!


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