How to make running up hills easier.

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Do our realities have to match that which we've decided to be true? Are we handicapping ourselves by believing what we see?

What if everything that's occurring in our lives is simply a residual of what we believed in the past?
What if we could change EVERYTHING the instant we decide to believe something different?

I'm going to share with you a story about exercise and running....
but really it's a story about life.

Recently I've been feeling a lot of resistance to exercise. My body was wanting to move (turns out, that's what they're made to do. Who knew?) but I just could not make it go.

Since I have declared my primary task as a Transformation Coach to be processing MYSELF out of every limitation that exists in my world, anytime resistance or judgment pops up I know there's some funky point of view that I'm operating from there. The glorious thing about recognizing a limitation is that you can then choose to clear it out of existence and no longer have to function from it. If you're curious about the specifics of this process, email me at chandra13nicole@hotmail.com

Soooooo..... when I became aware of the resistance I had towards exercise, I knew there was something there for me. I began asking a lot of questions around what this was exactly for me, and this is the awareness I received:

For many MANY years, I used exercise as a punishment. I had so many judgments about my body and was using exercise to "control" it into being what I thought it to be. Maybe you can relate?

My current reality is that I am in the midst of creating a new relationship with my body. I actually listen to it, and do what it asks of me... and guess what, it's amazing!

What if our bodies knew what it requires, more than the latest diet guru or nutrition advisor?
Oh my goodness... how much freedom would that provide in your world?

Tuns out my resistance to exercise was occurring because of the disconnect between lovingly listening to my body and using exercise to punish it. I was like, "NOOOOOO.... I will not punish you! You are amazing!" Aren't I silly?

So, I took some time to delete this point of view from which I was functioning (it took about 20 minutes) and now I feel absolutely NO resistance to exercise. In fact, I'm loving it.

Isn't this incredible news?

What if any place in your life you feel resistance, it's because you are functioning from some twisty point of view and are possibly trying to make a lie true. Look at my situation with exercise for example:  is it true that exercise is punishment for a body? No. Actually bodies love exercise. See, I was trying to make a lie true in my world.

I decided to take this experiment a little further one day on my run. It occurred to me as I was approaching a hill, I possess the point of view that hills are hard to run up. Well, that's just a fact Chandra! You might be thinking, to which I am replying, "But is it reeeaaaally?"

As I started up this hill I began struggling and my breathing became heavy. I then made the choice to pull up and clearing out of existence every point of view about hills that I have ever made true and real. About half way up that hill, my breathing evened out and I felt as if I was floating.

The next day on my run, I noticed that the same point of view had crept back in as I approached the hill. This time I did some more clearing work, and closed my eyes as I ran up the hill (I ended up running through a few bushes, but that's beside the point)... and you know what happened?

Once I couldn't perceive the hill with my eyes, I couldn't even tell that I was running up a hill.
Crazy talk. Right?

Turns out, atoms are 99.99999999% empty space.... or something like that... I'm no physicist, but you can look it up. This empty space is filled with packets of light. You and everything around you are made of atoms. So, looks like you're mostly space and light (and water)... tell me how that's not totally changeable?

It has also been scientifically proven that when an atom is observed it changes into either a particle OR a wave, variable according to the person observing it. Solid or not solid. Solid or not solid.

What if our consciousness, is interacting with all other consciousness at all times and creating our realities based on how we're looking at them. 

What if we, our bodies, and the world around us are FAR more malleable than we've ever been aware of? 

What if you could make everything in your life work to your advantage with this knowledge?
What if by believing what you see, you create more of the same?

We possess this amazing capability to imagine... you remember... that thing you used to do as a child (I assure you, even if you haven't used your imagination in years, it's still there!)... would you be willing to imagine something different for your life and your living? Would you be willing to manipulate yourself out of your current reality if it's not working for you, and create entirely different possibilities in your world?

You deserve to have everything you've ever desired... a healthy body, an amazingly loving relationship, to get paid to be you, to have the opportunity to experience everything you've ever wished to experience. There is no reason to shelve your hopes and dreams.

They are not only possible, but they are your birthright.

Check out this little article I wrote for The Empower Network called 'What if your poop doesn't have to be in a group?'... it's less about poop, and more about getting started on your incredible life :D


PS...  If you're ready to make your life actually work for you, but aren't sure how to go about it... I would LOVE to facilitate you. I am running (Haha... running!) a really great special for the month of August on my coaching services. For more information, contact me at chandra13nicole@hotmail.com
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  1. So true - change your thinking and it will change your life!


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