6 Ways to ♥ your Body: Part 4

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Remember all those things that you appreciated about your bod last week? Now, you're going to lavish them with gifts of time, devotion, and pamper-ment. That's a word. I swear.

This is probably more female specific I'm guessing... however, I could be totally wrong.

I can only speak from the position of a woman, because clearly I am one.  Often times we get really busy caring for those around us, crafting delicious suppers, tending to the chilluns', making sure day-to-day operations run smoothly, attempting to keep the house from reaching pig-pen status, bringing home the bacon.... too many pork references?

So, when do we find time for us? The answer to that is right now. Yup... ya gotta just do it today. Make it a priority. Jot it down on your to do list. I know you have one.

I guarantee that when you give yourself some love, everyone in your life benefits. PLUS, it gives you a moment to furthur appreciate your body which makes you feel gooooood. And we know that the whole goal of this lovin' your body thingy is to feel good. 

This is our most important relationship, remember? We do nice things for our friends, family, children, lovers, etc.... why shouldn't we extend the same offer to ourselves? Take the time to appreciate your bod, and then do something nice for it.
If you absolutely adore your toes, give yourself a pedicure today. If you have kick ass hair, take the time to curl it or do a deep conditioning treatment. Think your eyes are the bees knees? (wait, I'm confused)... go buy yourself a new shade of eyeshadow.

This doesn't have to be body part specific either. I find one of the best ways to pamper and bath in self appreciation is to simply move my body. I used to think this required a well thought out, regimented exercise plan preferably designed by some sort of "fitness professional", but that's bull shit. Your body knows what it wants to do. Most likely it doesn't want to complete in an Iron Man competition or swim The English Channel... it probably would just really love to get outside and go for a walk, or maybe it would fancy some music and a little jig.

The Dancing Miss M
 Which ever movement you choose should bring a smile to your face... or a sense of satisfaction in the least. If you're not enjoying yourself, quit and pick something different.  Maybe you're not into belly dancing or hula hooping. That's okay, you could possibly be more of the army crawling hopscotcher type. Whatever tickles your tweedly-dee.

As you're having fun cutting your rug or twirling your hoop, pay close attention to your breath and listen for your heart beat.

Isn't it crazy that your body inhales and exhales and pumps blood without you even giving the process one moments worth of attention?

Your body kicks ass.

It loves you so much that it tends to your needs and takes care of you to the best of it's abilities even when you're not returning the favor.

Thanks body!

What are you going to do to say thank you to your kick ass body today? 

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  1. I LOVE this post!! Sometimes I think the first thing that should be cut in my crazy days is my workout. But you know what? That's about the only thing I do for myself all day long! Everything else is for my family or my friends. I shouldn't cut it out, it should be a priority!! Love your series on loving your body ;)


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