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Love is the message and the rest is only grammar. 
~ From '33' by Milo Adorno

<---- This anthology floats my heart.

 I can't help but feel uplifted when I read Milo's words. I turn to them often when I feel my perspective has gone wonky, and in the span of only a couple poems and a few powerfully placed words I am reminded of that which is truly important in life. 

For Valentine's Day, it was my desire to share with you some of his work.

I asked Milo if he would talk about Love in a broader sense than just the romantic iteration that we generally celebrate on this day. 

Being the sweet soul that he is, he graciously agreed. 
Thank you Milo.

This is his poem that I requested expansion on:

I look around and I see that everything comes from love.

Love in any of it's multiple forms...

I try to escape this inescapable fact.
I try to invent lies.

But it's useless.

Love is around...

in the sun,
in the wind,
in the air,
in the stars,
On the moon.

I come across with the fact that there's nothing wrong in this world.

Only love.

I didn't see it before...

Now it is more than evident.
The blindfold has been removed.

To Us. From Milo....

This Valentine's Day, many people celebrate love thinking only of the romantic aspect of this feeling. Thus we see on this day a torrent of loving couples going out on dates and vowing eternal love. Because of this day, we see a hemorrhage of births during the months of October and November. Others extend the meaning of this celebration, to the love felt by friends and family. I would like us to consider celebrating love in its natural force dimension.

Love is a force as is gravity or electromagnetism. To think that love is just a feeling is to minimize the true extent of this power. Love is nothing more and nothing less than the force that moves all things in your life. All you want to be, do, or have comes from love. Love is the cause of all the good things you have in life. In turn, the lack of this force creates what you may consider undesirable. You should then understand how to handle the power of this incredible power, so that your life is filled with it.
If you want to use the full power of love and change your life, you must understand that love works according to the law of attraction. The attraction is the force that binds everything and everyone together. The law of attraction says: “Like attracts like”. Not opposites as many believe. It is responsible of keeping everything in harmony, from atoms to galaxies of the universe. It is operating in everything and everyone, including your life.

What does that mean for you?

That whatever you give in this life, you will essentially receive. And we do not give only through our actions. Although it may seem incredible, most of the time we are "giving" with our thoughts. This is what is known as our “Vibrational Offering." The universe in its simplest form is pure vibration and since we are all pure vibration, according to how we vibrate, we attract. In other words: As you vibrate, you will get.

And it is very important to understand this. Many people complain of not thinking of something unwanted and then having this unwanted thing in their life. Receiving the essence of something does not mean that you get exactly what you think, but that you get people, circumstances or things that are at the vibrational level of what you're thinking or giving to life. Anything you give in life returns to you. You are creating your life every moment with your thoughts and feelings.
Since we think and feel that much…

How to know if we are thinking and feeling positively or negatively?

It's simple:

Your thoughts are positive when you think about things you love and want. Your thoughts are negative when you are thinking about things you do not love and do not want. That's the key.

When you think and talk about things you love and want, your thoughts are positive. Positive thoughts are transformed into realities that are in tune with the vibration of those thoughts. 
 "I love this person" "I love this city '" I love money "" I love traveling "" I love health’ 
Those are statements that can do much to our lives. Spending more than 51 percent of our day thinking about the things we love and desire, has a transforming effect. 
Unfortunately the vast majority of people are obsessively thinking about what they do not like or do not wish for their life. Instead of focusing their thoughts on what they love and desire, consciously or unconsciously they choose to put their efforts into the unloved and unwanted.

Now here is an encouraging note. A thought of love is stronger than a negative thought. A thought of love, has infinitely many more creative forces, than a cluster of negative thoughts. It takes chronic negative thinking to create a miserable life. So for love to dominate and therefore the positive, you should know the different dresses that love wears in your daily life: Gratitude, Joy, Passion, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Abundance, Hope.
On the other hand every time your thoughts are centered on hate, anger, resentment, sadness, criticism, envy, guilt, fear, worry, etc., you’re vibrating negatively and therefore attracting people, circumstances and unwanted events to your life.
I urge you this Valentine's Day and every day of your life, to vibrate positively using the overwhelming power of love in everything you do. Speak only of what you love, give thanks for what you have and every action you take, do it with love. You will become the eyewitness of the incredible multiplier capacity of the most powerful of natural forces.

Here's some more info on Milo:
Milo's book '33' is culled from 45 of the most popular inspirational poems featured on his website, as well as 54 never-before released works. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Puerto Rico. He studied drama and creative writing at the Tish School of the Arts at New York University. He currently resides in New York City. 

Be sure to follow him on Twitter & Facebook. I guarantee He will float your heart on a daily basis. 

I find Milo's work to be so poignant, that on my 33rd birthday I bought 33 copies of his book '33' to give to others over the course of my 33rd year. (That's a lot of 33's!) 

If you would love to read more of Milo's words, leave me a comment below stating why you think the book is called '33' and what Love is to you. Leave me your email address and I will contact you about arrangements to send a copy your way. 

Happy Valentine's Day and go forth with Love in everything that you do. 
It is your true nature.  

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  1. Awwww...that is awesome! I love it so much! Love is a safe place, a sacred place, somewhere I can lay my head down and not be judged. The 33 might be 33 things in his life that he is grateful for at the time of the book, it could be 33 people who are important to him. It could be so much :)
    My e-mail is handmadesbyheather@gmail.com :)


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