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Sweet's first request upon entering a completely Earthfood based Diet was for the incorporation of lots of Shrooms into the menu. I'm assuming this is a product of the rather passionate love affair with portobellas he's begun as of recently. This desire was made known during his short lived days of resistance towards a Season of Vegan. But, now he's all in... and not hating it either. Surprisingly.

 So considering his love for me and mushrooms alike, I figured it appropriate to cook a pre-anniversary meal of lemony garlic mushrooms and beans. Sweets and I's actual anniversary was on New Year's Eve...

Romantical you say? 
I know.

Story time. 
One year ago on New Year's eve I went on a first date with a boy I had a crush on in my youth. This boy had a head full of curly dark hair, and see through blue eyes that could instantly melt small groups of onlooking prepubescent females. 

Come to find out, not only did we attend Junior High together, but also the 3rd grade. However, he was only around for a short while before leaving to attend a different school in a different town, never to be gazed upon again by Moi.

That is, until one fateful December day. As I was spending quality time on facebook searching for classmates that I never much talked to, but desired to covertly observate, Facebook so kindly suggested that I may know Sweets (I did!!)

So, I sent him a friend request which he promptly accepted, and raised with a Inbox message. This single FB communication ultimately prompted 3 weeks of chatting with the culmination of a New Year's Eve Thai food date, which I described to anyone nice enough to listen, as "My first date, with my future husband." 
I'm not even kidding.
Astonishingly, he was actually aware of the fact that I was telling people this, and no fleeing for the hills even occurred. 
It's a miracle, really. 
We've been together ever since. 

The moral of this blog post is:
Sweets is the Love o' My Life. I am his. And he loves Shrooms.

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. 

 Here's what you'll be needin':
(am I the only one who heard a pirate in that?) 

 (I found this recipe here at The Post Punk Kitchen. Originally by Isa Chandra... I love her name!) 

~ Saute 1/2 diced onion with olive oil until softened and brown. Add 3 cloves of minced garlic and couple sprigs of thyme. Stir around for a minute, then add 1lb of baby bellas cut only in half. Cook until liquids start releasing (about 5 minutes) 

~ Add 2 T breadcrumbs and stir for a few minutes until browned. Then add 2 cups veg broth, the juice & zest of half a lemon, S&P to taste (I recommend loads of P), and a couple cans of butterbeans . And then, I didn't do this but think it needed, a squirt of Dijon and a dash of Worcestershire sauce (those are exact measurments, by-the-way). I will be adding them next time I make this. 

~ Bring to boil. Turn heat to med-lo and let reduce and thicken. About 7-10 minutes. Season with more S&P.

~ Serve over rice. I used a wild & brown rice blend which added some nice chewy texture to the meaty tasting bellas.

For more mushroom love check out Portobella Quesadillas. Nom Nom.

Do you have a good love story? I wanna hear it if you do! 
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