5 minute Cajun Black Bean Burrito

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This Earthfood stuff is E-A-S-Y.... 

Check out this super quick burrito I threw together yesterday for lunch. 
Can you tell I like black beans? These are just a few of the concoctions I've come up with lately...

WOW.  I just realized I really need to get out of my beanbox. 
(Not to be confused with beanbag)

I'm supposed to be experimenting here. I need to diversify! I will do better from now on. Promise. 

My Bean Oath:
 I solemnly swear that from this day forward I will be embrace all beans equally. I will not play favorites. I will give all the other little beans a chance to come frolic in my kitchen and in my tummy. 

I encourage you to revel in my last black bean creation for, as of yet,  an undetermined amount of time...
I give you... My burrito fixin's. 
You can assemble your burrito with whatever fridge contents you may possess. 

A nod to the ease of Earthfood eating, is all this really is. 
There's no cooking or laborious kitchen meddling involved here. Just the simple slapping together of whatever fancies your heart and strikes jubilation into your taste buds.

Here's what Jubilifies my buds:
(I don't know why my spell check doesn't recognize that. It's totally a word)

A SKILLET TOASTED CHILI & GARLIC TORTILLA. TOFUTTI SOUR CREAM (can you believe they actually make non-dairy sour cream?... and it actually tastes like sour cream?!). BLACK BEANS SPRINKLED WITH CAJUN SEASONING (of course). CILANTRO. FIRE ROASTED TOMATOES. GREEN ONIONS. RED BELL PEPPERS. SPINACH. JALAPENOS (which I actually forgot to put on this one. *super sad face*). SALSA VERDE. 

Now that the black bean phase of my life is complete, I need new beans to play with. 
I need some ideas. Go!

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