Girly night at The Blue Orchid

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The most glorious beverage my 'buds' have ever encountered..... The Pineapple Basil Martini.

The Blue Orchid is THE best Thai food joint in Lincoln, NE (my hometown). Not only is the food mind blowingly (it's a word) incredible, I have so many fantastic memories associated with this establishment.

I'm not typically one to get all nostalgic-y (also a word), so pardon me while I momentarily fondle the past....

~The Blue Orchid is where Sweets (the love of my life) and I had our first date. We've returned many times and also went back for our one year anniversary on New Year's Eve.
~It's been a retreat for me on many occasion when I'm in need of a good glass of wine, some amazing food, and a bit o' quality time with myself.
~AND, I've spent many an evening there with girlfriends gossiping conversating (you've got to be getting used to my word creations by now), over many a Pineapple basil martini... which just so happens to be the most amazing drink on the face of the planet, consisting of muddled fresh pineapple and basil leaves, Ketel One, and some other good-ness I'm sure... I don't know, I just drink the stuff!

This weekend was the first time I had ventured over there for anything more than a drink, since embarking upon a season of vegan. My girly friend Lindsay from Scenic Glory joined me, and we had a fantastic time. Our server was beyond helpful and totally patient with me as I made my vegan requests. He took the time to give me a tour of the menu and point out what was friendly for me. I was ecstatic to learn that they were willing to adapt over half the menu to accommodate my new eating ways. This was a great news for me since I love, love, love this place so much!

Check our foods...
(Pics compliments of the lovely Lindsay. She's a WAY better photographer than me.)

Lettuce Wraps. Oh Yeah.

Lettuce Wrap Fixin's.... Ginger, onion, super tiny SUPER spicy peppers, limes, peanuts, toasted coconut, nummy sauce (I don't remember what it's actually called)

The fuzzy person in the back is me. The creamy, slightly sweet, slightly spicy goodness up front is my Panang Curry with tofu. I die. 
Not pictured: my new favorite Earthfood dessert... Sticky rice smothered in a sweet coconut milk and served with tart, delicious Mango. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Welp, now that I've spent the weekend eating my way through the town, i guess I better get back in the kitchen! Check back everyday next week for all things creamy (minus the cream).... a brand new Earthfood Adventure.

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