Kickin' it with the Fresh Prince

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I've had a crush on Will Smith ever since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air days. 

 I liked him back then because I thought he was funny and adorable. But in the time that has passed since then, he has remained a constant on my celeb crush list, still because he's easy on the eyes of course, but mostly because, from what I know of him, he's an incredibly dynamic person.

The take-aways that I have gathered from interviews through the years were this... He seems always committed to; being the best family man and husband he can be, to creating quality pieces of work, and to being an example for the world...

Plus, Good God....
I'm certain this will be my boyfriend's all-time favorite blog post of mine.

Now, after watching the compilation video below, I respect 'the Will' even more for his life perspective and strong sense of purpose. Many of the things he speaks about are principals that I believe in strongly, and am working to apply not only to my own life, but wish to help others incorporate into their lives as well....

And as I write this,  the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song is cycling in a loop through my head.

Enjoy this video and have an amazing day!

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

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