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If you've been hanging out with The Earthfood Experiment for awhile you're probably used to the name Payton Woodcraft. I throw it around quite frequently. For those of you newbies, I will tell you that these Payton's make the most beautiful and unique jewelry made from a combination of reclaimed wood, silver, leather (recycled whenever it's available), semi-precious stones, and metal.

The Payton's entered my life a little over one year ago... in a rather interesting way actually. The story goes like this:
My really good friend Adam was playing matchmaker and had a friend named Ryan that he decided I needed to meet. The plan was for Adam, Ryan, and I to all get together for Margaritas the size of our heads at a little Mexican joint in The Haymarket (a quaint and Historic section of downtown Lincoln, NE with cobblestone streets and great restaurants. Totally irrelevant to this story.) When I arrived, not only were the two of them there but Ryan's brother was there also, along with his wife and her best friend. All in from Philly visiting family. 

Ryan was super charming and adorable and hilarious, but he is not who I fell in love with that night. This night had much more far reaching purposes than I could ever have imagined. I spent exactly 4 hours with these people before they departed for the East Coast, but after that night an undeniable soul connection between me, Kristi (the wife), and Michelle (the best friend) was realized. These lovely ladies and I have kept in touch over the course of the last year and have been involved in each other's projects. Michelle with her blog Dust and Wanderlust and Kristi with her jewelry. I did features on each of them which you can read here. And Here. And I even had the opportunity to give-away one of Kristi's Tree of Life necklaces here on The Earthfood Experiment.

I was incredibly excited to learn that The Payton's AND Michelle with her crew would be traveling back west again this summer. I vowed to spend as much time with them as possible, and indeed I did.

Not only did I have an amazing time which left me even more in love with both of these women (whom I now know without a shadow of a doubt will be present in my life, for the remainder of my life)...

But, I also became the very first sales representative of Payton Woodcraft! 

I am honored to be part of the Payton Woodcraft family and am so excited to spread the love all over the Midwest. You have to see this jewelry in person. It is so beautiful. But even more beautiful than the jewelry, are the people behind the jewelry. I just adore them.

Be sure to stop by The Farmer's Market if you are in the Lincoln area to see for yourself. I will be there every Saturday starting the middle of August. I will also be booking kick-ass events and trunk shows in and around Lincoln which is a great way for you to share Payton Woodcraft with your friends and earn free jewelry. 

Be sure to check out all the good-ness at www.paytonwoodcraft.com

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

Also, be sure to check back in the next day or so to hear the last portion of my exciting news trilogy!

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