New Stuff and Words

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 So many exciting developments going on here at The Earthfood Experiment!! (three to be exact as of now)  I want to share them all with you right away. But I'm going to make you wait and give them to you one at a time....

So, here's the first one (with some preface, of course):

I ADORE words and quotes. I find the English language to be fascinating and I enjoy observing how others choose to use it to express themselves. I personally, find great pleasure in creating my own words when I can't seem to find one that quite conveys what I am trying to express... which I'm sure you have noticed if you read this blog. But, even more than I love creating my own words, I love, love, LOVE reading the words of others. I think there is so much we can learn from others life paths and so much valuable wisdom to be taken away. Often times I turn to them to find inspiration, strength, and assurance.

Recently I have found a blog that it is all quotes ALL the time... which I find to be the greatest thing. Ever. Because I love quotes so much, I took it upon myself to submit a new quote to this website every weekend, until finally the lovely ladies over at Words We Heart decided to add me as a permanent author of the blog. Which just makes me giddy with delight.

So, be sure to go there (you can find a tab at the top of The Earthfood Experiment) and subscribe for for regular doses of inspiration.

For today I leave you with Miss M's favorite quote:

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