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I have posted the list you will find below before, but today I was pondering how it was that I changed my way of thinking and my life (I used to be very negative and pessimistic type of person... and I most certainly did not believe in myself) 

I came to the conclusion that my change came about by repetition. At some point in time I began telling myself good things here and there (that i did not necessarily believe at the time), and then a little more, and more, and more... until one day I actually started to believe these things that I was telling myself. 

We act according to our beliefs. And beliefs are simply thoughts that we keep thinking. 
So, realize that a shift in your life only takes repetitively thinking differently.  Simple in theory, but sometimes harder to implement. 

So, I am taking the initiative of, not only reminding myself of these time tested life principles and universal truths, but you as well. Hope ya don't mind! :) 

What I know for sure. Oprah's Top Ten.
  1. What you put out comes back. All the time. No matter what. 
  2. You define your own life. Don't let other people write your script. 
  3. Whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present. (Chandra's addition: NOTHING that happened in the past has power over you. period. It does not define you) Only you give it power. 
  4. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. (A lesson from Maya Angelou)
  5. Worrying is wasted time. 
  6. What you believe has more power than what you dream, wish, or hope for. You become what you believe. 
  7. If the only prayer you ever say is "thank you" that will be enough. (From the German theologian and humanist Meister Eckhart)
  8. The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give. 
  9. Failure is only a signpost to turn you in another direction. 
  10. If you make a choice that goes against what everyone else thinks, the world will not fall apart.

 I really love this list. I believe it is the recipe for success and happiness... or at least a pretty damn good beginning. And so does Oprah... how can you argue with that?! Whether you like her or not, there is no denying that whatever she's doing is working. 
And remember, you have the power to make your life whatever you desire it to be. 
My desire!!

Peace & Love, 
 Chandra Nicole  

 Also, today on my new blog project I explain what the heck a Life Coach is. So, if you're curious.... click this!

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