Today I am Oozing.

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Have you ever had a day when you are so full of love that it increases in pressure with every passing moment? You can feel the love taking over your insides, filling up all the nooks and crannies until no more internal love real estate is available, at which point it begins ooozing out of you... and you feel for certain that if you don't liberate some of it in the very near future you will surely explode into a million love chunks?

 Today is one of those days for me, and in fact I have been having these days with increasing frequency lately. I think I know how and why, and it has nothing specifically to do with anyone in particular and mostly to do
with a shift inside myself. If you are curious please email me at earthfoodexperiment@hotmail.com. I would love to have a conversation with you about it... I think it may apply to your life as well. 

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

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