Chuck-your-scale-off-the-top-of-a-tall-building Movement

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If you haven't heard yet, I was recently involved in a torrid love affair, lasting most of the winter, with all things chocolaty and sweet... which resulted in what I have "affectionately" been referring to as  my bonus curves.

Mmmmm.... Yummy.

I am attempting to shed said bonus curves, simply for the sake of fitting into my summer shorts. It is turning out to be a seemingly impossible endeavor due to the fact that I love to eat. UberWonky. (this is a word I made up recently... not really sure what it means, but it felt appropriate here)

I am sharing this with you because I woke up this morning feeling Good. I stepped on the scale fully expecting to have dropped 5 lbs (I mean come on! I've been eating  responsibly for days.)... much to my dismay, I had gained 8oz.

This is the very moment in time that I decided to start a:

"Chuck-your-scale-off-the-top-of-a-tall-building Movement"

Because let's face it... we don't need them ruining our moods and determining our self worth. 

We're better off without you, stupid scales!

Now all I need is a tall building & some people with scales.

Who's in? 

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