Love Lessons

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Four Thursdays after the loss of my love, I shed my last tear.

It occurred in the middle of an energy medicine class I was taking. I volunteered to come up front for work on the releasing of heavy energies. My facilitator put her hand to my forehead asking me to close my eyes and bring my heartache to the front of my mind, where I would then just BE with it.

I had my eyes closed for approximately a nano second, before the tears began rolling down my cheeks...
yes, right there in front of everyone, I cried for the very last time.

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This is the night I learned a couple of very important things about love:

I fully realized how powerful the love of a complete stranger can be.
I could FEEL the loving energy of every single person in that room washing over me, as I sat vulnerable, exposing my soul.

Upon the adjournment of class, I was gifted with a hug from a girl I had met only two hours earlier... she overflowed into me, completely filling me up.
I wanted to remain in her arms forever.

These people transmuted my pain into pure, brilliant, shiny love in a way I'm not sure would have ever been possible through my own efforts alone.

I know now, that I will never pass up an opportunity to pour forth love onto anyone who enters my world. This will be my expression of gratitude for every soul who has ever allowed me to lean on them, and my gift to humanity.

I also gained the knowledge that 
true love can never really be lost at all.

After this night, I slipped into a state of loving I've never known before. It is increasingly calm, and steady, and bright. There's absolutely no need or urgency attached to it. And within this space of timeless needlessness, it no longer matters whether the object of my affection comes or goes, because I know I will continue to love him regardless...

I also know that this is the only way I care to love, 
from this day forward.

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  1. Your words and thoughts are so beautiful and FULL. Love to you from Germany.

    1. Thank you sweet Liv. Much love back to you, darling...


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