Green Stuff for Sweets and I

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We all know that green stuff is stupid good for us. (Duh)
And we also know that as Americans we don't get enough of it. (Guilty!)
It's just so boring, we protest. 
Well, this week we are going to make green stuff exciting and learn to love it.  
 (I'm determined.)

To kick off  our 'How to Love Green Stuff' week I'm sharing with you our favorite salad place here in Lincoln. It's called Grateful Greens and they have THE most amazing chopped salads.

Basically this place has a choose your ingredients set up like a Flubway sandwich shop, or one of those build your own burrito shacks... only way fabulous-er.  You get to pick all your favorite salad toppings or, they have some suggested salad combinations for indecisive people like me.

Salad Dilemma: 
You're  trying to eat a salad and the lettuce pieces are all huge, and floppy, and slopping salad dressing all over your face. Super sexy. 

Chopped Salad.

Yup, this is what they do at Grateful Greens and if you've never chopped your salad, buddy you are missing the boat. Seriously. Try it next time.

You may think I'm joking, but you are mistaken. I would never joke about salad.

I'm not sure why, but all the flavors of the salad and dressing meld together better when it's all choppy chopped. See... Un-boring-ified. (I'm already kicking ass at this)

So they put all your ingredients up onto a big cutting board and chop, chop, chop it all together into perfect mouth size bites. Then they throw it into a HUGE silver bowl... one of my favorite things about eating here, besides the employees who are always super with it, and engaging, and seemingly loving their gig as a salad artists.

Pick one of their homemade salad dressings (many vegan options. woot!) and you got yourself some lunch.

Sweets and I finished up our meal with a slice of heavenly vegan cheesecake topped with a berry compote. (I'm always so excited to eat my dessert that I forget to take a picture. Doh! *slapping forehead*)  One would assume that cheese-less cheesecake would be pretty horrific in flavor and texture. I always did. Boy was I ever Wrong-O.

Way to smile for the camera, Sweets. 
Here's a couple more things to love about Grateful Greens:

 There are no trash cans in the public part of the restaurant because they want to be certain that everything that can be recycled, WILL be recycled.

 During the non-winter months Jim, the owner,  grows most of the salad ingredients himself!

♥ You can  also have a sandwich, a panini, a bowl of soup, and a natural soda, a glass of wine, or a beer while you're visiting.

♥ You'll find plenty veggie/vegan friendly options to choose from.

 I absolutely love the bright, cheery atmosphere... and rumor has it that if all goes well come spring/summer there will be an outdoor seating area.

Sweet's and I have decided that we need everyone in the area to know about this place and to go there often, because we're not sure we could bear to live without our Grateful Greens.

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