Cheeseless Mac n Cheese. Don't do it.

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For my week of all things creamy, I attempted to make non-dairy Vegan Mac & Cheese.

 All I can say, is that it was edible.  I added a can of Rotel tomatoes. You know, the ones with chili peppers in it that you mix with Velveeta to make football party cheese dip...

Party cheese dip this did not make. 

 The tomatoes did impart a descent flavor, but it still wasn't anywhere near reminiscent of Mac n' cheese. Dammit! I had such high hopes after the dairy free Alfredo sauce I made earlier this week, which was even better than the traditional version and catapulted me into a state of Earthfood euphoria. 

This experiment has not disenchanted me though. I never was a big fan of processed cheese powder in the first place. I did once make a pretty incredible Mac from Cheddar and New Castle (a most delicious beer)... but I certainly don't miss the sluggish, lethargic feeling I always get from eat heavy dairy dishes.

Moral of this story:
Don't eat cheeseless Mac n' Cheese unless you've been a vegan for 26-54 years and have no recollection of what Mac n' Cheese actually tastes like. 

Miss M, at this point, had only been vegan since lunchtime.... 

I promise to continue experimenting until I find the most delicious of all Earthfood dishes for you. I'm on a mission.

Tonight,  Risotto.
Wish me luck!

Do you have any Earthfood Experiment requests? I love new ideas.

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