6 Ways to ♥ your Body: Part 3

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This is my favorite. I'm gonna give it to you straight and simple. Don't ask questions, just do it because it makes you feel good. And as we talked about yesterday, feeling good is where it's at. 

It's the entire point of living, the entire reason for our existence on this planet.

When we get to the point of feeling good a majority of the time, when we stop struggling, when we shift into a primary state of love... that's when everything begins to change.

Have you heard the saying 'What you resist, persists'?
It's the truth.
It is impossible for your body (or anything) to change if you are fighting against it.

The only way out, is through love. (<----Tweet This)

The easiest, cheapest, most immediate way I know of accomplishing this is through gratitude and appreciation.

Would you be okay with a life without struggle? Would you be okay with releasing all of the negative energy you have, starting with the energies you've directed towards yourself? Would you be okay loving yourself, as well as everyone and everything else around you?

If the answer to these questions are a resounding yes, then here's what you'll do:

Take a few quiet and alone minutes to sit down somewhere comfortable, and go over every single part of your body and find a reason you are thankful for it, something you love about it, or something it does for you...even if up until now it has not been your favorite.

Start with your big toe and move to the tippy-top of your head. Do not move on to the next body part until you find something good about the one you are on.

 Here's what this might look like for me:
 ♥ I love the feel of my toes in the sand. 
 ♥ I am thankful that I have feet to put in beautiful high heels. 
 ♥ The calluses on the bottom of my feet make it easier for me to walk on hot cement in the summer.... I love being barefoot in the summer. 
 ♥ I think my ankles are pretty, and I'm thankful for them because without my ankles I wouldn't be able to lift up on tippy toes to reach the top shelf where my beautiful Tiffany wine glasses are....

Etc, etc, etc, etc..... 

I can almost guarantee that after this you'll feel so good you won't want to stop.... 
What else in your life are you thankful for?

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