Portobella & Sweet Onion Samich

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Just the other day I wrote about Sweet's love affair with fungus and wouldn't you know, that very same day he came home from class and made this for our lunch, fully solidifying his portobella devotion.

There IS a mushroom in there, I swear.  

It just happens to be hiding under the mountain of sauteed sweet onions, jalapenos, and spinach. 
So good.

This sandwich is really easy to put together... or so I hear. 

 Simply, remove the stem from a HUGE portobella and scoop out the scales. Place on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and season with S&P. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

See look.... it's in there!
Meanwhile, saute some sliced sweet onion, sliced jalapeno, and minced garlic with a little olive oil, crushed red pepper, and S&P to taste, until golden brown. Remove from skillet. Wilt down a handful of spinach in the same skillet seasoned the same way.  

Spray a couple slices of artisan bread (Sweets used ciabatta) with oil, then toast in the same skillet. This will cause your bread to pick up all the glorious residual goodness of your samich fixins'.

Mix together a couple Tablespoons of grainy mustard with a Tablespoon of raw honey. Slather on your bread, followed by your lovely roasted shroom and topped with the mountain of deliciousness.

How could you possibly resist?

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