Masterflop Theatre - Barney Soup & Mooshy Pie

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Welcome to the Experiment. 

When I say I have no idea what I'm doing... I'm not kidding. 
 This truly is an experiment. 

Well, I have some idea, but I also have days where nothing I make turns out quite right. Such as yesterday when I accidentally made what I'm referring to as 'Barney Soup'...

Lately I have been really disappointed with myself at how much trash and waste my household is creating. In one of my attempts to become a more responsible earth dweller I decided to make a delicious and nourishing veggie miso soup, with the contents of my crisper drawer that were moments away from landing in the trash can. This happened to be some carrots, sugar snap peas, onions, & celery. All was going well until....

I decided to throw in some red cabbage. Which turned my beautiful brew a lovely lavender color. In an attempt to mask the purple-y-ness I threw in a can of tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce, which only intensified the lavendar into a shade of purple, reminiscent of the overly chipper dinosaur .

So without furthur ado, I give you my latest masterflop 

It's kinda pretty, really.

This soup is surprisingly very tasty. And since I'm trying to dwell responsibly, I'll be eating Barney soup for lunch every day this week.

Ya win some, you lose some! Ah well... guess that's how we learn. 

I also masterly flopped this lovely cinnamon roll pie from my new fave dessert blog 'Chocolate Covered Katie'. I've made this successfully in the past, but added too much applesauce this time which prevented it from setting up when baked. I haven't included a photo because a picture just doesn't do the texture of this 'mooshy' pie justice. I made it last night though and it's half gone already... so it must not taste too awful... for moosh.

Tomorrow, I will redeem myself!
(Click here for redemption in the form of Sea Salt Peanut Butter Cups. Aaaahhh!!)
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