10 Reasons This Girl's Going Vegan

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That's right. I'm doing it. 
Well, thank you for asking! That's so kind of you.

 #1 This is The Earthfood Experiment. A vegan's food comes from the earth. No Brainer. 

#2 In my late 20's I read a book called 'The China Study'. It inspired me to go vegan for a month. I've never felt more incredible in my life. 

#3 Earthfood is good for me. Duh. I don't get enough of it. It makes me feel good in my body, and my mind, and my soul when I do. This affects EVERYTHING.

#4 My boyfriend calls himself a Sneaker-head. I want a 'head' name. Please call me veg-head. 
Not to be confused with potato-head.

#5 I've never particularly cared for meats in general anyways, and cheese... well, you don't even want to know what that does to me.  

 #6 Ever the over-committer/bailer type, I considered trying veganism for a year... but I know better than that. Than I thought, Vegan for a day, one day a week?? WEAK. 
Which landed me at a season.
I once ate nothing but Mexican pizzas and pintos & cheese from Taco Bell for an entire summer... can't be any worse than that.
 (Note to self: don't use the word veganism ever again. Sounds like a disease.)

#7 Speaking of Mexican, I once stated that if I were to marry an inanimate object it would be chips and salsa. Chips and Salsa are vegan. If all else fails, I always have something to eat.

#8 I like a good challenge in the kitchen, and I figured at the very least I'll land on April 1st with a whole slew of kickass "great for me" recipes.

#9  I've taken it on as a personal mission to trust my instinct/intuition/gut/higher self/source energy/whatever the hell you want to call it ( I haven't quite landed on a word that feels sufficient as of yet...)
I'm learning to trust this. Albeit very S L O W L Y.  (History has proven I prefer to acquire wisdom the hardest way possible) For me, at this point in time, this way of eating feels extremely conscious and aware.

#10 I am what I eat. 
 I want to be fresh, vibrant, alive, nourishing, bright, and renewable. 

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