Love is the Message

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I recently got a new phone and in my search for a protective case for it
(I have a serious issue with phone drop-age, so the case is supremely necessary) 

I ran across this...

and bought it. 

I chose it because I believe it to be mankind's true nature, and is reflective of what I have come to consider the only place I care to reside.
In this place, only a couple of things reign supreme. 
They are happiness and love. 
Both of which are related... it is impossible to be happy in the absence of love.

And I'm not talking about 'romantic kissy face love'. I'm speaking of love for oneself, love of the earth, love of our source, love of the people and little things that make our lives truly rich... 

Now, every time I use my phone (which is A LOT), i will be reminded of what is important to me. 

Here is a poem by Milo Adorno that I relate with 100%. I feel as if I could have written these words myself (although not nearly as eloquently, I'm certain)
  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

The Message 

After seeking my whole life. 
After having doubts about my own nature. 
After having feelings I wanted to deny. 
After living the lies of others. 
After living fantasies that made me cry. 

I finally don't need any more translations. 
I finally don't need any more versions. 
I finally don't need any more religions. 

No more dogmas. 
No more creeds. 

I only need to look above and look at the stars. 
I only need to look at nature. 
I only need to look at the wrinkles of your eyes, to realize:

Love is the message and the rest is only grammar.  

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

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