The Power of a Picture

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I believe fully in the power of your imagination. Every"thing" that has come into this world was born first as an idea. I have, myself, many times visualized something that later has become a reality in my life. My apartment for instance...

When I was selling my house and going through my divorce almost 6 years ago, I knew of an apartment complex that I desired to live in. I stopped in the office, picked up a floor plan and spent much time imagining my furniture in it, how I would arrange and decorate, and how I would feel living there. I did not ultimately end up moving there...

Until 5 years later. I now live in the very apartment I imagined.

This is just one example of this sort of thing working out in my life. For me it is just one of many  strong examples of how visualizing/asking (however you prefer to think of it) and believing that it will be yours are strong creators of things and situations in your life.

I know this and have, within the last few months, began a book of "My Life" This book is full of what I imagine my life to be, my ultimate desires and passions.When I am putting together the pages of this book I use only pictures and arrangements of pictures that evoke strong feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and gratitude within me.
To someone else who might pick up my book and view it... it would probably appear to be a jumbled up collection of words and pictures. But that makes no difference. I look at it everyday and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these things will come to fruition at some point in time.

I have no idea how.... but that is no business of mine right now. My only business is to believe.

Here are a couple of pages from the current book of "My Life"... They will most likely mean absolutely nothing to you, but that's okay. 

Do not sell yourself short. Whatever you are capable of dreaming or scheming up in your mind, you are capable of creating in your life.

I realize this post is already getting quite lengthy, but if you're interested in sticking around for a few more minutes I have included an excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Soul; Living Your Dreams, which illustrates how the power of a picture worked in one woman's life.

Have an amazing, passionate, and inspiring day!!
Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

"Glenna's Goal Book" - Chicken Soup for the Soul; Living Your Dreams

In 1977 I was a single mother with 3 young daughters, a house payment, and a need to rekindle some dreams. 
One evening I attended a seminar and heard a man speak on the IxV=R Principal (Imagination Mixed with Vividness becomes Reality). The speaker pointed out that the mind thinks in pictures, not words. And as we vividly picture in our mind what we desire it will become a reality.... 
I began cutting up old magazines and gathering pictures that depicted the "desires of my heart".... 
They included:
  1.  a good looking man
  2.  a woman in a wedding gown and a man in a tuxedo 
  3. Bouquets of flowers (I'm a romantic)
  4. Beautiful diamond jewelry 
  5. an island in the sparkling blue Caribbean 
  6. a lovely home 
  7. new furniture
  8. a woman who had recently become vice president of a large corporation (I was working for a company that had no female officers. I wanted to become the first woman vice president in that company) 
About 8 weeks later, I was driving down a California freeway, minding my own business at 10:30 in the morning. Suddenly a gorgeous red-and-white Cadillac passed me. I looked at the car because it was a beautiful car. And the driver looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back because I always smile. Now I was in deep trouble. Have you ever done that? I tried to pretend that hadn't looked. "Who me? I didn't look at you!"He followed me for the next fifteen miles. Scared me to  death! I drove a few miles, he drove a few miles. I parked, he parked... and eventually I married him! 
On the first day after our first date, Jim sent me a dozen roses. Then I found out that he had a hobby. His hobby was collecting diamonds. Big ones! And he was looking for somebody to decorate. I volunteered! We dated for about 2 years and every Monday morning I received long-stemmed rose and a love note from him. 
About 3 months before we were getting married, Jim said to me, " I have found the perfect place to go on our honeymoon. We will go to St. John's Island down in the Caribbean." I laughingly said, "I would have never thought of that!"
i did not confess the truth about my picture book until Jim and I had been married for almost a year. It was then that we were moving into our gorgeous new home and furnishing it with the elegant furniture that I had pictured. (Jim turned out to be a wholesale distributor for one of the finest eastern furniture manufacturers) 
By the way, the wedding was in Laguna Beach, CA and included the wedding gown and tuxedo as realities.  Eight months after I created my dream book, I became the vice president of human resources in the company where I worked

In some sense this sounds like a fairy tale, but it is absolutely true. Jim and I have made many "picture books" since we have been married....
Decide what it is that you want in every area of your life. Imagine it vividly. Then act on your desires by actually constructing your personal goal book. Convert your ideas into concrete realities through this simple exercise. There are no impossible dreams.

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