My New Hat!

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Check out the adorable hat I received in the mail today. 
I ordered it from Krochet Kids International...
Which is an organization my boyfriend, Sweets, introduced me to last week. I read this line of their mission statement:
To inspire the knowledge of a generation about their ability to bring change to a world that is in need.
... and knew I wanted to help spread the word about Krochet Kids. 
These hats are handmade by women in Uganda. Each hat that you and I buy helps empower these ladies to lift their families out of poverty, and rewrite their stories for the better. 
Go here to learn more about how this organization got started... it's a great and unlikely story. It's amazing where life leads us when we listen to those little inner promptings and immerse ourselves in love.
Also,  be sure to keep an eye out right here on The Earthfood Experiment because...

Next week I have the pleasure of interviewing Blake Goodfellow  who is one of the people working on getting this program started in Peru. I am so excited to learn more of what he and Krochet Kids International are doing.
Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole
 P.S. Don't forget to order your hat in the meantime. (They also have other cool gear too such as shirts, scarves,  and laptop cases... my next purchase :) 
P.S.S. You MUST watch this video. 
(it will make you feel good. I promise)

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