Heaven... in 3 Ingredients.

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In case you missed it...last week was 3 ingredient week on The Earthfood Experiment, where my cooking criteria was that each dish I made include only 3 ingredients (not including salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic, and real butter... all staples if you ask me.) 
It was heavenly. I am in love.

Maybe you can relate to this problem I am the possessor of: 
I LOVE cookbooks. I buy them in plenty, and i read them, and look at the pictures  (that is my cookbook criteria... must have picture for every recipe), and dream about making all of these fabulous foodstuffs, but that's as far as it ever goes. Dreaming.

I just can't settle into a maintainable cooking groove with these long ingredient listed, laborious tasked recipes.  I will try for awhile but then, as much as I love cooking, i just get burned out. PLUS, who has time for all this fancy cooking business?! 

Fancy cooking has a time and a place, but in the land of consistency it's an outcast. So after last week, 3 ingredient recipes have become my new kitchen lovers.

Lucky for me, this is a week of socializing, so I will be cooking not a once!
Pizza & beer on Monday with some of my favorite men, dinner cooked by Sweets on Tuesday, shish-kebabs at Adam's on Wednesday, dinner with clients on Thursday,  BBQ with Sweet's friends on Friday, Appetizers & Wine with girlfriends on Saturday, bike ride to the Hay Market for late lunch with KT on Sunday.... MAN I love my life! 

However, this does not bode well for you, seeing as how I will have no recipes to share :( 

So, I figured I would share the Salmon that Sweet's made for me on Tuesday. This ENTIRE meal really could be made with only 3 ingredients. And it was a power meal! So healthy .

We picked up the most beautiful Copper River, melt-in-your-mouth, sushi grade salmon fillets from a little fresh seafood place right here in town. Who woulda guess it?! Right here in the middle of the country... fresh seafood, flown in daily!! If you live in Lincoln and love seafood, you must stop by and say hi to Monte, the owner of this little seafood market. He kicks ass... and is super knowledgeable and helpful and pleasant... what can I say,  I like the guy! 

Here's how this supper was made. Be prepared to be utterly bored, because it is totally uncomplicated.  
Salt and Pepper your amazing, high quality Salmon fillets (we put some marinade on them, but I think it was totally unnecessary). Grill for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes on each side (this will leave them rather raw in the middle... which is what you want!). Meanwhile, heat a drizzle of olive oil in a skillet along with a couple crushed cloves of garlic. When warm and fragrant, throw in a whole lotta fresh baby spinach (it will reduce greatly in size, so use a lot). Salt and pepper to taste and cook til wilted. Drizzle spinach with balsamic vinegar and serve with salmon.

Bask in the simplicity of this meal, and enjoy.

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

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