Indian Food. Yum.

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I could probably eat this stuff everyday.

And, now that I've arrived at this conclusion I havemade an executive decision...  I REALLY need to start experimenting with some Indian Cooking at home. I have finally found  a little shop in my town that carries Garam Masala, which is in almost every Indian dish I have looked at thus far. I've been searching forever for this spice and now that I have it, it's just sitting in my pantry where it has been for a couple of weeks already... I MUST use it!! Along with Sushi, the only time I ever eat this stuff is when  go out to eat. The picture above is from my dinner downtown in the Haymarket last night with Sweets and Miss M. We landed there after our second beautiful bike ride of the day.

Indian food is often times meatless, almost always earthfood heavy, and SO flavorful. Which makes it a super healthy AND delicious food option. Are any of you Indian food lovers too? and do you have any experience with cooking this cuisine?  I'm trying to decide what to attempt to make first...

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

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