I got Nothin.

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Some days I am bursting with words, thoughts, and ideas to share. 
This ain't one of'em. Today I got nothin' 
(It appears that, on this fine day,  I am also lacking in proper grammar skills as well.) 

I just returned yesterday from a road trip to Oklahoma to see my cousin get hitched and apparently I am still in vacation mode. I believe this to be true judging by the facts that :

a) I slept until 10:30 this morning 
b) the only activities I really care to engage in today are to lay by the pool this afternoon followed by beer & pizza with a few of my favorite men this evening (my dad & 2 brothers)

SO.... I will leave you instead with a picture Miss M (my 11 year old) took of a mandarin orange "flower" she made and a link to today's blog post by my good friend Michelle over at Dust and Wanderlust entitled:

My thoughts on 29 being the “ideal” age to start a family. Im way ahead because I had mine at 22, but way behind because I didn’t know there was an ideal!

It is, essentially about loving yourself wherever you are at... which I find to be a beautiful thing.

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole 

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