Fattoush Matoush with Healthified Chicken Cordon Bleu ala Sweets

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After I typed and re-read the title to this post I realized... I hardly know what this is, and I ate it! 

So here is a translation. Just for you.

Fattoush  is a Mediterranean salad of veggies, legumes, bread, and fresh herbs. It is stupid healthy, with deliciousness in equal measure to healthiness. It's not even close to a 3 ingredient recipe (my latest obsession), but due to the favorable health to de-lish ratio, it is totally worth the extra shopping and chopping time. 
Totally off topic... my boyfriend Sweets and I went to middle school with a dude named Korey Matoush who just so happened to marry Nicole, a girlfriend of mine in hair school (even more off topic) whose name continuously ran through my head as I was preparing this dish. By the time I was done chopping vegetables I figure I might as well just call it the Matoush salad. 

So, to go with the Fattoush Matoush , Sweets made a much more healthified version of Chicken Cordon Bleu than the traditional version. I'm not even a huge meat eater, and I loved it. 

A pic of this glorious meal. 
 The recipe for Fattoush Matoush... 
(Which I got from the Powerfoods cookbook)

12 cherry tomatoes - split 
1 red or yellow (or half of each) cut into strips 
1/2 English cucumber - cut in to 1/2 inch dice 
1/4 red onion thinly sliced lengthwise 
1 Cup Chickpeas 
1/4 Cup torn fresh mint leaves 
1/4 Cup torn fresh flat leaf parsley 
3 T red wine vinegar 
2 T extra-virgin olive oil 
coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
1 whole wheat pita, split (personally I could do without this. I thought it got too soggy) 

  • Crisp pita in 375 degree oven. About 10 minutes. Let cool, then break into pieces. 
  • Toss together remainder of the ingredients in a bowl and add pita pieces right before serving
  • Two steps. Love it. 

For the healthified Chicken Cordon Bleu
(this is close to a 3 ingredient meal, but no cigar sir) ... 
Hopefully I am getting this right. I only kinda watched Sweets make this as I was preparing my salad.

Pound out however many chicken breasts you desire to 3/4 of an inch-ish? Then place a slice of Swiss cheese and a couple slices of ham on top. Fold in half and secure by stabbing it with a toothpick. This is not violent, I assure you. Place in a baking pan, salt and pepper to taste, then sprinkle with whole wheat bread crumbs. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25-35 minutes. Simple and delicious. 

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole

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