The Rudimentary Pantry aka... The Rudipantary

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rudimentary |ˌroōdəˈment(ə)rē| - involving or limited to basic principles
We all have certain items that we keep handy at most times in our kitchens. Staple items, if you will.
With the the Rudimentary Pantry (aka... Rudipantary) we will be hangin' with some of these foodstuffs and coming up with some go-to-recipes for cheap & healthy eats in a pinch.

Rudipantary Item of the Day... Whole Wheat Flour

As I'm sure you are already well aware, whole grains are a kick-ass source of fiber and helps keep you full longer than the whitey versions.
Yesterday Miss M and I decided to make the simplest bread food known to man out of our whole wheat flour. Here is the extremely complicated and involved list of ingredients:

Whole Wheat Flour
Yup... that's it. 
What we made is called Roti. It is an Indian flatbread for which I found the recipe (if you can really even call it that) on this bomb blog I recently ran across called Indian Simmer. (If you go there, you must promise not to ridicule my pics when you return... hers are GORG-EOUS)

I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Indian Food, and this bread is no exception.
Here's whatchya do:

  • add water to flour a little bit at a time until you achieve... DOUGH. (There really are no measurements here. You just want to end up with dough that is not sticky and not dry)
  • knead dough for 5-ish minutes
  • wrap dough in damp towelfor 10-ish minutes

    Roti Balls!

  • Then... make into little balls and roll them flat (about the thickness of a tortilla) I don't have a rolling pin, so I used a tall water glass for rolling... worked great!
Rolled out Roti Balls

Now for the FUN part...

Turn 2 oven burners to Medium heat.

Place a skillet on one and a rack on the other (I used my cooling rack, which is HUGE but whatever. It worked fine)

Throw the rolled out roti dough onto the skillet. Cook on each side for about 20 seconds, or until little bubbles appear.

Miss M & a skillet

Then you will move the Roti to the rack and cook briefly on both sides until slightly charred.

Your Roti will puff up into a "bread balloon"... M & I could have probably done this all day. It was too much fun!

Bread Balloon!

Slap some butter on that biz-nitch if that's what you're in to. I thought they were delicious just plain... M decided the addition of butter, cinnamon & sugar was required. You could also add some garlic. That would be tasty.

Or heck! turn your Roti into a sam-ich wrap... this may be bastardizing the Roti, but it's your rudipantary eat... do whatchya like!


I put the unused dough balls in a zippy and threw in the freezer... for bread balloons at the ready!

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