Freedom & the Coffee House

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This morning I am observing that certain places or environments seem to heighten my awareness... my favorite coffee shop, which I just so happen to be chillin' in right now, happens to be one of them for me. I have also noticed this when I am riding my bike, wandering through bookstores, or near the the ocean.  Have you ever experienced this?

When I find myself in these places, all the half-pint thoughts scampering through my brain pretending to be all important ditch out and head off to an undisclosed location. The empty space between objects buzzes with life and importance, lending support and stability to it's contents.  Colors become vibrant and evoke emotion within me. Sounds and music become predominant as does the silence surrounding them. A sense of calm and content, for no apparent reason, ripples through me and the illusion of hours, minutes, seconds, and days fade away as I surrender to a state of timeless joy. With each beat of my heart appreciation is pumped to every corner of my body. (What if this is meant to be our permanent state of being?!)

Here is what I am thankful for on this Kick-ass spring morning...

    • Freedom... to maneuver around my existence in any way I please
    • Friggin' lattes. I'm addicted. And I like it. 
    • De-lish produce that accompanies spring and summer
    • Insight. For me, currently in the form of the book; f**k it... the ultimate spiritual way (more on this later... you'll heart it!)
    • The 72 farm fresh eggs my dad just gave me, which I will be using over the next week for the making of many egg-y things... starting with Quiche tonight for Supp-fast :) 
My loverly Coffee House Eats :)

Peace & Love
Chandra Nicole

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