Hello March. Welcome Spring.

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I've recently noticed little green blades of grass peeking through the brown mess on the ground. Hallelujah.  I am sooooooo ready for spring. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disregarding the thankfulness I feel for the mild winter we've been experiencing, but I'm ready for some color! And warmth.

 Why do I always have to be so cold? 

Green grass, trees with LEAVES, flowers, sunshine, warm rain showers, strapless dresses and cute sandals, (or if you're Sweets... shorts and sweet sneakers) longer days, the smell of freshness (no, not your shoes Sweets) and renewal. 

I took this picture at the zoo last spring. Ahhh.... so pretty.

Yellow flowers on the bike trail.

Bike rides with Miss M. 
Pool time!! Okay... now i'm getting a little ahead of myself... It is only March. (Isn't Miss M adorable?) 

See! What's not to love? 

As you may know, Sweets, Miss M, and I embarked on a new food adventure 2 months ago. Damn that went fast.

We committed ourselves to a season of eating only foods that come from the earth. 
Sustainable, nourishing, fresh, kind, healthy foods. 

I can tell you after my experience thus far, I can feel in the very fiber of my being that I am becoming all these things (Sustainable, nourishing, fresh, kind, healthy)

I guess you really are what you eat.

(I will be excited to give you a report of our experiences next month.)

If you've been hanging out at The Earthfood Experiment you've seen that I've been doing a lot of cooking over the last 2 months. Anytime you change your lifestyle around, it takes a concerted effort to do things differently. I've spent a lot of time "veganizing" some old favorite recipes as well as put a lot of focus into coming up with warm, belly filling, comfort foods in the hopes that we wouldn't even miss the things that we've cut out of our diets. Besides, these are the kind of things we crave in the winter anyways, right?

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Seeing as how we're entering the warmer months, and we'll all be getting busier with the desire to spend less time in the kitchen and more time outdoors, this month I'm going to focus on foods with ease. I want delicious, healthy foods accessible to me through the spring and summer months that I don't have to slave away over in my kitchen.

There will be too many pools, bike trails, parks, and outdoor adventures calling to me for that. I live in the Midwest.... the warm months are a very precious commodity around here. Gotsta get out and enjoy it!

So, let's think crockpot foods, salads, picnic fare, one-pot-dishes, and 10-15 minute meals. We'll call them 13 minute meals. It's my lucky number.  Hell yeah.

Speaking of outdoor activities, Sweets and I are going on a 6 mile trail run through Wilderness Park here in Lincoln in 2 weeks, and then in June will be participating in the Warrior Dash, which is approximately a 3.5 mile run with obstacles and mud and stuff. Sweet.

What sort of outdoor activities do you have planned for your Spring and Summer?

Please feel free to give me a holler if there's something specifically that you'd like me to experiment with, or if you have any good ideas for recipes for Spring/Summer foods. I'd love to share you and your ideas with The Earthfood Community. Email me at earthfoodexperiment@hotmail.com.

Lastly, it is important to me that you know EVERYONE is welcome here. 

Just because I'm sharing only vegan recipes doesn't mean that you have to be a vegan to hang.
I created the Earthfood Experiment so that we could play around with foods we know deep down in our souls are good for us. How you choose to apply to your life the knowledge we gain here, is entirely up to you. Health and lifestyle is a deeply personal and individual thing for each of us. 

This is a space in which you can expect to be accepted and loved no matter what that looks like for you.

 I'm so glad you're here. 

Go here to learn more about what this Earthfood Experiment thingy is all about.

If you'd like to know some random facts about Moi... check this out.

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for Earthfood Updates via email, over on your right.

Additionally, you should totally come hang with me in Twitter-land and on Facebook. That's where all my 'Quote Whoring' occurs. (see random facts about Moi)
 i KNOW you don't want to miss that. 


PS Be sure not to miss the last 2 segments of our series '6 Ways to Love Your Body'. This was a project from February, but I ran out of time!! They will be coming soon. Promise. If you are just now arriving to this Earthfood party, you can see what I'm talking bout here. 

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  1. Happy Spring to YOU, my dear. Sending you a big bouquet of tulips today!

    1. Thanks, sweet lady! Right back at ya! I love, love, LOVE flowers :)

  2. What an adorable picture of your daughter! So cute! Good luck on your races this summer. That's great that you and your boyfriend are doing it together. The obstacle course race sounds especially fun!

    1. Thanks! She's just a joy to have around. I am blessed. Are you and your hubby doing anything fun this summer?

  3. I can feel the sunshine and glad to see blades of green sprouting up in our yard too! Hello March:D

    1. Don't you just LOVE this time of year?! I totally feel like a different person when Spring comes around... totally renewed :)

  4. Thanks for the recipes Chandra!!! Now, lets see if I can dehydrate them for the trail and make them taste and look as good. Great site!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Terry! Maybe we'll have to collaborate on some trail food ideas :) Justin and I were just talking today about coming to Colorado to hike the Rockies with you sometime soon! Can't wait!!


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