Never. Give. Up.

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If you haven't noticed, the web is a giant, vast, and sometimes inundating place...
 but every once in awhile you run across someone or something that just sticks with ya. 

I stumbled across Victoria one day in my web wanderings, and man is she sticky. 

You can't help but fall wildly in love with her zest for life and willingness to run down, seize and embrace her bliss. 
I just adore this girl and thought she'd be a perfect addition to our 'Loving what you Love' series. 

Proceed at your own risk. 
Victoria's perspective might just blow your mind hole.

Possible side effects may include, but are not limited to:
 Joy, Inspiration, Reevaluation, Heart Floating, and Creativity. 

hello there loves. you can call me victoria. i am a coffee addict, animal lover, and inspiration junkie. i spend my days daydreaming and creating numerous projects for myself... and i must admit, it is getting hard to trick time into giving me enough minutes in my day to complete all my projects.

by day i am a visual sales associate for anthropologie, but by night i sew, paint, and design for my very own venture, PISTOL daisie and Painted Blooms. i can not remember a time when i wasn't doing something artsy or dreaming of eventually doing something i felt extremely passionate about.

to me, life is a blank canvas and we choose what will fill it with... and when my painting is complete, i can guarantee that it will be completely filled with every color under the sun. my canvas will be composed of every texture, hard and soft, rough and smooth, ugly and pretty... because my friends, that is a life worth living in my mind. a life of experimenting with different hobbies or hair colors. a life of trying new foods and going to watch rock bands that you later realize you really can't stand... but the point being, you tried it.

creating new challenges for myself is something that inspires me the most. yes i am inspired by my surroundings and people i come across online and offline, but there is something so pure about finding something you want to try and doing it... epic failure or not... you did it.

the point of my "meaning of life" rant above is that i try not to let myself give up no matter how many times i fail or how many times i change my mind. yes, right now i run two small of business of my own, but there is a strong chance that could change in years to come... i do it now because it something i love.

as a person you are always changing and learning. so it necessary to allow your loves to change with you. if you don't feel passionate about what you are doing, try to discover what you are passionate about. take a drawing class. go take photos. hell, join a fantasy baseball team if you're in to that sort of thing, but don't ever give up on discovering something new that can thrill you. don't give up on finding something you truly love with your whole self.

just remember to...

xo, pistol daisie (victoria)

For more inspiration you can find Victoria at Pistol Daisie
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