What the heck is this Earthfood Experiment thing?

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I’m a true believer that in order to live a full, healthy, happy life we have to do 3 things: 
      1.     Treat our bodies with respect, love them, and nourish them well.

2.     Be just as careful about what goes into our minds as what goes into our bodies… they are not separate entities as we oftentimes think, and I am convinced that one does in fact affect the other.  

3.     Recognize our passions and desires, believe in them, and give them the space in our lives that they deserve. They were given to us for a reason, they are the divinity within us, and they are our contributions to the world.

I created The Earthfood Experiment so that we may have a fun, lively, and accepting environment  in which to meet together and experiment with all these aspects of life… 

a place where we pump one another full of good food, good thoughts, and inspiration.  So to aid us in living the best lives possible.

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