Kevin, the Baby Pineapple

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After purchasing these dried baby pineapples for Miss M one evening, she got to wondering where one finds an actual baby pineapple in a non-dried up state.

She certainly had never seen one before. 
So, with a sudden and urgent need for this knowledge, she put out a Facebook plea imploring her friends to answer, 
"Has anyone Ever seen a baby pineapple?!" 

No one had.

She resigned to the fact that maybe she would never know, then went to bed.

In a stroke of magical luck the very next day while grocery shopping, Sweets and I found this : 

Mini Me Pineapple!

Yes, it's a baby pineapple in a pot. Have you ever seen such a thing? We bought it for M. She was ecstatic. The mystery had been solved! She showered much affection over the itty bitty pineapple and named him Kevin. It was official, she was enamored with Kevin and adored him greatly. 

Kevin and his relatives.

Unfortunately, so did Cheese... our yellow schizophrenic tabby. 

She's crazy. and ridiculously entertaining.

No matter where we put Kevin, Cheese finds him and gnaws his leaves.
Gnaw-ty Kitty!  

I'm afraid Kevin may not make it through. He's lookin' kind of sad and sick these days.

I'm not sure what to do about our dilemma. Kenzie submits that we should just go ahead and eat Kevin before Cheese does. I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it....

I need counseling, life coaching, some serious advice on this matter. Anyone??

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  1. Poor Kevin!!! I say either eat him, find him a new home where M. can visit him, or spray water on Cheese everytime he goes near Kevin. The water trick works with most cats.....not sure about Cheese however.

  2. hahaaaahaaa.... i saw kevin he's cool!!!


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