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Here's the thing about life... we don't know what the hell we're doing, so might as well have some fun with it. Try not to take yourself too seriously, if you get an idea to do something don't talk yourself out of it. Set up a little experiment. Give it a whirl. See if you like it.
Maybe it just feels right and makes you go Whoop Whoop!! Keep that thing and incorporate it into your life more. Or maybe it makes you more wah, wah, waaahh (Debbi Downer style).... in which case, Bon Voyage crappy experiment.

Often times I think the thing that stops us from a new adventure is the possibility of failure, followed by the shame of not carrying through. But I say Screw It. Just quit. No use wasting time on something that doesn't feel right. It's the ultimate learning curve of life.

And no one's going to care (yourself included) that you quit when you finally uncover the thing that makes you insanely happy. In fact, you'll probably inspire someone to abandon something that's not working in their life.  I promise you, when you find the things in life that make you swoon, and then swoon daily... everything will come together more perfectly then you could have ever imagined.

This is what The Earthfood Experiment is all about.

(I totally sat down to write a post about curried vegetables, and this is what came out...)

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