The Happiness Project

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The very first time I ever met my good friend Lindsay was at Barnes and Nobel for coffee. It was a "blind date" if you will. We met through the wonders of modern day technology and discovered that we lived practically in each other's back yards. Funny how it takes the internet to meet someone in your own neighborhood. So we met and found we loved to eat the same kinds of foods and shared a very similar perspective on life. After our chat, we walked around the bookstore and by the time we left I had purchased The Happiness Project on Lindsay's recommendation. (which I have to admit I started but have not yet finished... shhhh, don't tell)

At any rate, last week Lindsay started a group Happiness Project over at her blog Scenic Glory. Which I am super excited to participate in. I missed last week, but better late than never right? So the concept behind this project is to set a goal each week to do something that will improve your happiness then report back the next week to share results.

I have decided that my goal for this week is to actively show appreciation for the people in my life. I find that when I am in a state of gratitude I can't help but be ridiculously happy. I am going to do this with the long lost art of the hand written Thank You note. It is my goal to write a thank you to someone in my life every day this week . My other goal for the week is to actually finish reading The Happiness Project :)

As I am writing this I am reminded of Thank you Notes by Jimmy Fallon, who I find to be not only adorable, but friggin' hilarious to boot. So, enjoy this clip... and be sure to join The Happiness Project.

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