To Worry... Or not to Worry? That is the question. I say F**k It.

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It seems that this has been a re-occurring theme in my life over the last week. With not only myself, but also with the people in my life.

I typically try not to worry much about the past or the future. However, I am human and susceptible to an occasional bout of "worry-wart" What I do possess though is perspective. This perspective I have not always been the proud owner of though. Trust. I have spent my fair share of days feeling bad about decisions I have made in the past.... comparing where my life was in relation to others of my same age... wondering how in the hell things could possible be different in the future... despairing bout how the bills are going to get paid... etc.

Regardless of how many hours of worry and stress I clocked in,  what I have ALWAYS noticed is that everything always works out. The bills always get paid, I always have a roof over my head and food to eat, my life is full of amazing friends and family, all of the so called "hard times" or "bad decisions" have always provided me with a valuable lesson and just a little bit more wisdom than I previously possessed.

Which leaves me with the realization that stress and worry are not worth the time and energy that we give it. If things always end up working out in the end with worry.... shouldn't they also work out in the end without it. Maybe even better? Because now... we not only trust that everything will be the way it should, but also are saving our bodies and minds from disease causing stress AND increasing the quality of our lives in the process.

Here is my happy life checklist that I just shared with Sweets earlier today:
  • risks 
  • laughter
  • love
  • freedom
(and by "risk" I mean following passions, which I really don't consider a risk at all)

What's important to you?

Which leads me to want to share with you a book I recently finished reading entitled...

Fuck It. the ultimate spiritual way. 
By John C. Parkin
(When the subject of cussing has come up with Miss M, my almost 12 year old, I have told her that a properly placed curse word can REALLY drive a point home!... but when used excessively, loses it's power)

This book helps illustrate how the concept behind the term "Fuck It" really does have the power to help us not worry so much, enjoy life more, and allow for our ultimate desires to become realities in our lives.

Here are some words from page one of this book... 

When you say Fuck It, you let go of your hold on something - usually something that's causing you pain.

When you say Fuck It, you give in to the flow of life - you stop doing what you don't want to do, you finally do what you've always wanted to do, and you stop listening to people and listen to yourself. 

When you sat Fuck It, you carry out a spiritual act (the ultimate one, actually)because you give up, let go, stop resisting and relax back into the natural flow of life. 

When you say Fuck It, you stop worrying (generally), and give up wanting (mainly) and end up being darn happy to be yourself in the present moment. 

So, before we jump arm-in-arm into this swimming pool of Fuck It wisdom, have yourself a go now. Say Fuck It to something. It could be something small (take a trip to the fridge and gobble down that cheesecake) or big (take a trip to that lazy pig of a fella you call your partner and tell him to take a walk).

Say Fuck It to something... anything. And feel the freedom and release that it brings. Multiply that to the power of 10, imagine feeling like that most of the time and you have an idea of what you're getting into. 

And, last thing before we jump then, let's SHOUT together...
Fuuuucccckkkkkkkk Iiiitttttttttttt!

If you are interested in reading the remainder of this book... please let me know. I will send my copy along to the first person to email me at earthfoodexperiment@hotmail.com. 

For the remainder of you... go here to purchase this book. You won't regret it.

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