Status Quo

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If you are anything like me, you have moments in your life where you think you should be "this" or should be "that". Contrarily, I notice these longings that, in the moment, feel so right and intuitive but when examined closely with the eyes of Status Quo look ridiculous and childish in nature almost. There seem to be all these societal implications that we should settle down, buy a house, have some children, be; religious, responsible, philanthropic, understanding, self-less... ect.

But what if all you really want to do is get in your car, drive until you reach ocean and become a beach bum... or drink wine and make love to canvas with a paint brush... or twirl around on a stage in fancy costumes...

Must we give in to what we think the world wants us to do... or are we better off indulging in our fancies and whims? Will we be happier at the end of our lives if we invest in the "status quo"?... or if we invest in our instincts?
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