KT's Korner - Ridiculously Healthy Pizza

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My Girl, KT.
Lunch at my bestie KT's is fast becoming a Sunday afternoon tradition. KT is ridiculously health conscious, ridiculously disciplined, and as a result... ridiculously sexy (she's probably going to kick my ass for talking about her so much on my blog, which is kinda scary because she's WAY strong)

Anyhoo... yesterday she made ridiculously healthy pizza for me, which we then followed with a bike ride... and ridiculously UN-healthy pie shakes at a little local cafe that her friend owns. 

Kt has a ginormous (i still can't believe that's actually a real word) sweet tooth, but only allows herself sugar once a week (see. disciplined.) When she splurges though... she SPLURGES. Here are the ingredients Kt blended together in her shake concoction... slice of raspberry pie, frozen yogurt, scoop of peanut butter,  and chocolate syrup. Weird. But ya gotta love her.

Check out the Pizza
KT used whole wheat crust, marinara sauce, and Fat-Free Mozzarella on both of these. 

The top one is ground turkey (which she browned with crushed red pepper and cayenne), jalapenos (which were WAY hot), and red & yellow bell peppers. 

The bottom picture is simply chicken and tomatoes... super yummy. 
Thanks KT. You kick-ass. 

Peace & Love, 
Chandra Nicole
See! Real word.

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